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Ideally the Toys section should contain full galleries of photos taken by myself of toys within my personal collection, but the fact of the matter is I don't own most of what's listed here. One day that may change, but in the meantime let this section serve as working checklist of Crows & Worst collectibles.

If indeed I do own a specific toy its link will direct you to a detailed photo gallery. Otherwise production images by the original manufacturers have been included if available.

Any single toy or complete line of figures listed without a clickable link is due to the fact that I was unable to find a stock photo for that specific item(s). Anyone willing to supply me with missing images or alert me to anything I may have omitted please drop me an email. In the meantime I've made a thread in the forums that contains images found online of others collections featuring some of these missing items.

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  Flashback Generation  
  Flashback Memories  
  HXD Umehoshi Family  
  Crazy Heads  
  Crazy Kids  
  Crazy Strap  
  System Service  
  Mini Busts  

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