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For the time being, the Crows OVAs will only be available for download via Megaupload. Combined, both OVAs clock in at just over 1G, so it's probably not the best idea to host them here at this time. Within the next couple of months we'll be making a move to a new host with a fatter plan, so bandwith shouldn't be an issue. For now, you'll have to get them from a third party host.

I've included links to both the full-sized AVI files originally provided by asra as well as lower resolution MPEG-4 versions for those not as particular about quality or for those fans looking to store them on iDevices.

Be advised, as of this writing these OVAs are not subtitled! I know of two sources currently working on subs. When and if they complete them, they will be made available here. In the meantime, anyone already having read Crows Manga Volumes 1-3 should have little trouble following along.

AVI: Part 1 (510MB) | Part 2 (576MB)

MPEG-4: Part 1 (352MB) | Part 2 (394MB)