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Maezono Satoru: Student at Rindow High and tactician of Amachi's Army.
Masai Hiroaki: Student at Tsukamoto High and member of Amachi's Army.
Masaoka Kenichirou: Member of a group of wanabe Yakuza known as the "KKK Demons". Hired by Amachi to keep The Armament occupied. Pulled a knife on Koumei during a meeting to discuss their contract.
Masaoka Satoru: Fought and defeated by Yaita in round one of the First Year War.
Masunari Hideo: Student at Nanomori Industrial. Brought by Gaga to Amachi where he was given the choice to follow him or end up facing Amachi when he planned his take over.
Matsuo Daisuke: Freshman at Housen. Selected by King Joe to represent Housen in the battle at Monster's Forest where he was knocked out by Hana's uppercut. Challenged Mitsumasa on his first day at school and was defeated. Currently an important member of Housen's ruling body.
Mitsuki Kunihiko: One of the top three geniuses in the prefecture. Secretly helping Amachi by controlling the Jet Black Scorpion from behind the scenes.
Miura Satoru: Former student at Housen and classmate of Mitsumasa. Would eventually betray Mitsumasa (and Housen) to Amachi due to personal reasons.
Mizutani: Jet Black Scorpion member on Tahara's team.
Mogi Makoto: Member of The Front Of Armament.
Moritani: Hyakki member who greeted Tesshou and Shougo at the door of Hyakki meeting place.
Morohashi: Manager of the bowling alley Tora intends to work at. Seems to be a former victim of the Umehoshi Brothers abuse.
Murakawa Katsuhiro: His fight and subsequent defeat to Hana in the First Year War changed Katsuhiro's attitude (and his hair cut). Now a member of the Hana-Gumi.
Murata Juuzou: Armament's 4th Generation Vice-Head. Shougo's older brother.
Murata Shougo: Head of the 7th generation of The Armament. Childhood friend of Takumi. Past rival of Amachi. Younger brother of 4th Generation Armament Vice-Head Murata Juuzou.
Murota Kenzou: Member of The Front Of Armament.
Muroto Koumei: Niknamed the "Arson Brothers" after burning down a police station in their middle school years. Koumei, along with his older brother, Zenmei, agree to be Amachi's soldiers after Amachi offers to clear their father's debt.
Muroto Zenmei: The eldest of the Arson Brothers. Initially hired by Amachi to take out Hanaki Guriko, but stayed on to help facilitate Amachi's master plan to conquer all of Suzuran.
Mutou Renji: Member of the Umehoshi Family and resident of room 1. Considered one of the strongest and smartest students in Suzuran. Founding member and tactician of Hana-Gumi.
Mutou Shin: Renji's older brother. Went missing after getting into trouble with loan sharks and later forced to join a gang. Was later bailed out by Masashi. Currently working at the same restaurant as Mary.
Nagasawa: Kurosaki Industrial student that appeared to stand atop the freshmen class, when in fact Takumi was the strongest. Was taken out by Amachi's Army when they conquered Kurosaki Ind.
Naitou Ichie: Younger of the deadly twin brothers Zenmei took under his wing during his stay in juvenile prison.
Naitou Ichigo: Older of the deadly twin brothers Zenmei took under his wing during his stay in juvenile prison.
Nakajima Shinsuke: Former head of the Kurotaki Alliance and one of the "Big Four". Later transferred to another prefecture. Picked by King Joe to act as an observer in the battle at Monster's Forest.
Nakamura Ginji: Before even becoming a student at Suzuran Ginji assisted Kazumitsu by capturing a member of Jet Black Scorpion for questioning. Fought and lost to Daizen Tsutomu 3 times in middle school. Joined Tora's dart club.
Nakano Yoshimasa: Over confident freshmen at Suzuran who was eliminated from the First Year War via a head-butt from Butcher.
Noma Daigo: Beat up three Housen students in an alley which triggered a series of events that would eventually start the war between Suzuran and Housen.
Nanba Takeshi: Known as The Front Of Armament's "Silent Tank". Not one for words, but a massive force in battle.
Nara Akira: T.F.O.A member and close friends with fellow Armament members Murata and Kim.
Nomura Freshman from Kawada 2nd. Brought by Sera Noaki to the battle at Monster's Forest in order to provide tactical information to Nakajima on the combatants.
Ogawa Chiharu: Nephew to head of the Zeniya Family, Ogawa Kenji. While being chaperoned by T.F.O.A as a favor to Dosuken, Chiharu encounters Hana and becomes obsessed with fighting him. Has a kanji tattoo on his arm which reads, "tenchi hongan nishite fukuryouhoushuu".
Ogawa Kenji: (AKA Dosuken) Boss of the Zeniya Family in Osaka. Uncle to Chiharu.
Okuda: Random scrub who boosted that Housen was nothing special. Mitsuyoshi was eager to make him see otherwise.
Okuno Keiichi: Undercover Jet Black Scorpion member who joined Hyakki. Attacked Black Marked Tigers' Head Harumoto Shigeo in order to instigate a war between the two gangs.
Ono Teruki: Freshman at Housen and the last man to stand in the way of Tsukimoto Mitsumasa gaining control of the freshmen class. Mitsumasa tries to persuade him to follow, but the stubborn Teru will not accept him as leader. Likes to play billiards.
Ootani Ken: Student at Housen. Childhood friend of Mitsumasa.
Oosugi Naoki: Prematurely taken out of the First Year War by Amachi before the final rounds could commence.
Oshikawa: Sophomore from Kawada 2nd recruited by Hideo to join Amachi's Army. Stabbed in the face by Daitou Takashi and labeled a phony, he wasn't accepted.
Ozaki Ken'ichi: Tactician of Hana-Gumi. Brutally defeated by Amachi during the First Year War. Reluctantly joined Hana-Gumi, but now one of its most dedicated members.